It doesn’t take long for you Unity Assets to get clogged up with all kinds of random Assets – especially when you’re just starting out and you’re working through a load of tutorials.

The problem is, there’s no obvious way to tidy up and get rid of all that clutter!

1. Go to the Unity Asset Store

Head over to the asset store and log in. Click on your profile icon in the top right of the screen and choose My Assets. You should see a page listing all the assets you’ve downloaded.

2. Hide the Assets you No Longer Need

There doesn’t seem to be a way to actually delete the assets you don’t want from your account. The next best thing is to hide them. Click on the Hide Asset option next to the assets you don’t want to see in your Asset Store or in the Package Manager in Unity.


Removing Assets from the Unity Assets Store

3. Refresh the Package Manager

Before you see the changes in the Package Manager you’ll need to hit the update button under the list of assets. Once it’s updated you should only see the assets that you left unhidden in the Asset Manager.

Refreshing the Unity Package Manager

4. Get Your Assets Back

If you want to get back some of your hidden assets then first tick the Hidden Assets checkbox in the Status filter on the right of the Asset Store. Your hidden assets should reappear. Then, to unhide an asset click on the Hidden asset label next to the listing to unhide it.

Showing Hidden Assets in the Unity Asset Store

Don’t forget to hit the update button over in the Package Manager in Unity to see the changes you made.

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